Our Services

Services currently provided by ENP Environmental include but are not limited to:

  • Lab Pack Services

    Many city and state agencies, manufacturing labs, schools, hospitals and medical facilities accumulate small containers of five gallons or less of unwanted or expired laboratory chemicals over a period of time. ENP specializes in this type of disposal, commonly known as lab pack.

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  • Waste Management Services

    ENP is a proven leader in the waste management industry with a focus on and commitment to customer service and environmental responsibility. We have successfully developed a complete turnkey approach by integrating all the necessary components involved in effective waste management.

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  • Contaminated Soil Placement and Disposal

    Any substance in the soil that exceeds naturally-occurring levels and poses human health risks is a soil contaminant. Common contaminants include pesticides, petroleum products, asbestos, lead, copper and creosote.

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